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Verdicts; Settlements

Automobile Collision

$2.3 Million-Trailer Accident

  • Our client was rear ended by an 18 wheeler in Dekalb county. The collision caused client to suffer multiple disk herniations with degenerative issues.

$750,000-Hit and Run

  • As a vehicle was fleeing from the police, it resulted in a collision with our client. The impact caused our client’s vehicle to overturn and roll, and client was airlifted to the hospital. Driver that struck the client’s vehicle fled the scene on foot after the collision.

$745,000-Personal Automotive

  • The defendant failed to yield and proceeded to make a left turn into a private driveway striking our client’s vehicle causing serious bodily injury. Client was required to undergo a back surgery.

$475,000-Personal Automotive

  • Our client was turning left at a green light when defendant failed to yield and continued through the intersection. Defendant struck client head on which caused our client to sustain severe injuries, memory impairment, and loss of consciousness.

$402,500Trailer Accident

  • An 18-wheeler failed to maintain within its lane and entered client’s lane. The force caused client’s vehicle to spin out in front of the trailer and hit the guardrail head on.

$350,000-Trailer Accident

  • A tractor trailer crossed over into our client’s lane and struck client’s vehicle which caused 3 vehicles behind client to rear end each other. Client sustained severe injuries.

$275,000-Multiple Vehicle Accident

  • Our client was struck by defendant that improperly merged into two lanes and resulted in two accidents. This impact caused client to spin out, and it overturned client’s vehicle.

$250,000Trailer Accident

  • Defendant was operating an 18-wheeler and failed to brake when they rear ended our client. The collision caused severe injuries to her neck and back.

$175,000DUI (Policy Limits)

  • In Atlanta, Georgia, a drunk driver ran through a red light at a high rate of speed while traveling on the wrong side of the road. As the driver ran the red light, driver struck client, and the impact instantly killed client, and threw the passenger from the vehicle.

$120,000Personal Automotive

  • Vehicle struck the rear end of the vehicle client was operating. Client suffered severe bodily injuries including dislocations, muscle spasms, back pain, and neck pain. The collision also affected client by causing client to suffer with anxiety, insomnia, and speech disturbance.

$100,000-Personal Automotive

  • Defendant failed to yield at a stop sign at an intersection when they struck our client’s vehicle causing severe injuries and damages which required client to be transported to the hospital.

$100,000-Personal Automotive

  • In Cobb County, Georgia, defendant rear ended our client’s vehicle which caused clients vehicle to spin out in front of them. Client sustained serious bodily injury such as sprain of ligaments on the spine.

$100,000Personal Automotive (Policy Limits)

  • Our client was a passenger with her husband when they were broadsided by an SUV at an intersection. Client had some pre-existing conditions that were aggravated by this accident. She was diagnosed with Cervical Facet Syndrome due to the accident, and she was required to have surgery in her spine.

$100,000Personal Automotive

  • Defendant failed to stop at a red light and collided into client. The defendant then ran off on foot before the police arrived. Client suffered detrimental injuries including, fractures throughout his body, ligament injuries, fractured tibia, and more.

$100,000Personal Automotive (Policy Limits)

  • Our client was traveling straight at a 4-way intersection when defendant making a right turn entered client’s lane and hit their vehicle head-on. Both drivers were transported to the ER. Client had neck surgery.

$100,000Personal Automotive (Policy Limits)

  • In Montgomery, Alabama, client was traveling through an intersection when a driver failed to stop at a stop sign, entered the intersection, and collided with client’s vehicle.

$100,000Multiple Vehicle Accident (Policy Limits)

  • Defendant going at high speed severely struck client. The impact caused Client to sideswipe a another vehicle. Client was forced to travel forward and rear end a 4th vehicle. Client was transported to the emergency room to find he had broken his rib and injured his spine due to the accident.

Slip and Fall

$150,000No Wet-Floor Sign

  • Client slipped and fell on a liquid substance that was on the floor at the checkout counter in a Publix. She was diagnosed with lumbago and right hip pain.

Canine Attack

$100,000Dog Bite (Policy Limits)

  • Our client and her dog were taking a walk when an unleashed Pit Bull Terrier attacked both client and her dog. The Pit Bull Terrier threw the victim to the ground and left the victim with open wounds, bone demineralization, and soft tissue irregularity. Client’s dog was left with a large open wound on the left side of the neck down to his shoulder.


$100,000-Hit and Run

  • Defendant was traveling on Sr 6 southbound. Our client was a pedestrian crossing the street, and the driver struck client with the front of their vehicle. After impact driver immediately fled the scene. Client suffered serious bodily injuries.
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